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Walmart: Win 1 of 5 $1000 Gift Cards

Calling all Walmart shoppers! Enter the Walmart February to April Sweepstakes and win 1 of 5 $1000 Gift Cards! Plus an additional 750 people will win $100 Walmart Gift Cards! This is a multiple entry sweepstakes. Ends April 30th,2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. we shop at Walmart all the time, so if I were to win this, it would be very helpful.

  2. I shop at Walmart either on line or in the store all the time. I get my groceries, drugs, cleaning supplies, everything else at Walmart. That’s My Store.

    • That’s what they intended on happening when they started building the super centers. I know I was responsible for 16 of those. I did all the flat concrete you see or actually don’t see. Yea so everywhere in the store you walk I did the concrete. Was a good time from around 98-2006 or 2007. Was a great job. I was paid $60 a hour & a bonus of $7 a yard of mud if I did the amount of trucks n yards each day so I worked the hell out of myself & my labors & finishers bc they got paid also. Mexicans are here to work bc they want that $$$ tosend home to his family down there. Great guys I have working with e.

  3. i love to get a wallmart card

  4. I believe the entries are only valid after you have taken the survey from the invitation on your shopping receipt. I do not think that your entry will be valid through this link.

  5. Would LOVE to win!!!!!

  6. I liee to shop at wal mart

  7. We love walmart

  8. WALLYWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Shop their

  10. Always shoppping at Walmart.

  11. Would like to shop freely; with a gift card from Walmart. Tired of buying only what I need at the present time. Loved to get some yarn and craft supplies.

  12. It would be really nice to win this i shop there every month spending a few hundred dollars.

  13. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone.

  14. could really use this

  15. Hello, I just wanted to let people know that I am the WINNER!!! Yippie!!!

  16. it seems I am always at Walmart for one thing or another. Could really use this gift card.

  17. A win would be a GOD,S blessing.

  18. I have never won more than 10.00 after all the sweepstakes I’ve entered. It would be awesome to win this one.

  19. I’m ready to spend a free 1000 at Wal Mart!

  20. We LOVE to shop at Walmart!!!

  21. New clothes and food too
    Oh need tires for 2001 Tundra

  22. I shop at Walmart all the time and $1000 would be great make my budgit easier to control

  23. I am at Walmart so much , it’s almost my second address.

  24. the best place to shop !

  25. there’s no place better !

  26. I tried to enter your sweepstakes but was rejected.

    When I try to enter your store I am welcomed

    Can you explain the difference?

  27. I Like walmart Y like to shop in walmart is my favor store

  28. Would be nice

  29. There was not a highlighted link to click to enter

    • I KNOW! Most confusing – to enter only need to write a comment?

  30. I need a 1000 dollar Walmart gift card!!!

  31. This would be a wonderful win!! THANK YOU!

  32. A gift would make my day.

  33. LOVE Walmart!!!!

  34. Walmart has everything you need for home, school and outdoors. Thanks.

  35. We love Walmart Our family shops there often. A one stop shopping store with great prices Yall throw a Rocking Mardi Grad parade also Just experienced my first one this year 😍

  36. This would be pretty cool to use on my shopping day at Wal-Mart…thanks for the contest opportunity !


  38. totally won before it was awesome was scared of scam but it was real need that feeling multiplied by 10

  39. This would be great to win

  40. so awesome to win

  41. I hope I win

  42. Walmart is in the next town over, Orange. I don’t get there as much as I’d like. Athol doesn’t have much of anything.
    If I win this, I’ll take my little granddaughter and get her some cute clothes and, of course, a few toys.
    Then I’d look around for me. I can’t remember the last time I got myself something and Walmart has a wide variety of items.
    Wish me luck!

  43. so awesome to win the gift card

  44. we are celebrating 24 years of marriage it has been hard. i always do the surveys and never won the gift card. assuming this might be real go ahead throw me into the mix. but i feel i am wasting my time.. like i said i do the surveys all the time. and never won.. real or not real.. i don’t know.. anyway this really could help us out alot.. with upcoming events

  45. I love shopping at Walmart. I do grocery, craft supplies, gifts, appliances etc. Sos this would help me out a lot; as my husband has been in a nursing home for 15 years now. Sos I’ve been limited on what I can afford to buy. A win would be so wonderful and helpful.

  46. i could in joy it

  47. Could use

  48. I would love to win one of these gift cards. Wal-Mart is my go to 1st place to shop. Rarely go to other stores…Please may I win???,🙏🙏😇😇🇺🇸🇺🇸

  49. Shop their.

  50. Great store and shopping!



  53. My cart is full.

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