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Expired! Marriott: Win a Westin Heavenly Bed and Bedding Set

Is your bed just not cutting it? Well then this is the sweepstakes just for you. Enter the Marriott Westin Store Sleep Well Sweepstakes and win a Westin Heavenly Bed and Bedding Set worth $5,000! This is a single entry sweepstakes. Ends April 30th, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. I realy need one of these I have been sleeping on a loveseat. I love how betfull this looks .

    This is a Great giveaway thanks

  2. I need this set to match my new bedroom

  3. I sure could use a new bed badly.

  4. Would LOVE this! I lost almost everything and on disability now and my bed doesn’t even have a frame and the bedding is old and wires coming through that poke me.

  5. I say yes really need this mine is ready to say goid buy. Sagging bad. Ty

  6. I really need a new bed and this looks absolutely fabulous!!

  7. need better sleep

  8. Since I share a bed with my daughter when she comes to visit, it would be great to get her a bed of her own.

  9. I would love to have a new bed! ours is 20 years old and Boy we need a good nights sleep! This would be our dream! Literally!

  10. Would love to win

  11. I need a new bed. We are sleeping in an old full mattress that is over 20 yrs old and is to small for the both of us. Love the beds at the Marriott and would love one in our home.

  12. What a difference having a good nights sleep will make,

  13. This would be perfect since I’m starting over and have very little to work with

  14. I need a good night’s sleep because my husband has Parkinson’s disease and a bad back and can not sleep well has very bad dreams

  15. HOW TO WIN!!

  16. nice to win

  17. Thanks for the chance. This would be great for us, need a new bed badly.

  18. I would be extremely blessed if I were to get one only in my dreams would I ever get to sleep in this.

  19. if only I would win … it would work for my life & my go fund me


  21. Oh how I would LOVE to win this bed and bedding set!!!! Fingers crossed…

  22. I sincerely hope and pray to win to have a better night’s sleep. I have had obstructive sleepapnea for almost nine years.

  23. I’m in need of a new bed.

  24. nice to win

  25. I would love to experience the difference of sleeping on a bed that is made for sleeping instead of just a bed not designed for comfort.

  26. Just perfect!

  27. I want to win this contest !!

  28. I want one

  29. so awesome to win

  30. so awesome to win

  31. Love this prize! Great timing!

  32. I really need this bedding outfit cause my old on is over 20 years old. Please GOD let me win it. I have never won anything in my life. Why don’t I ever win anything? I think all contests are rigged.

  33. I need this

  34. Our bed is now 26yrs old! We Desperately need a new matress and sheets…ok pillows too! Our 40th Wedding Anniversary is May 10th! And would love to celebrate on a new bed! Oh baby! Oh baby! Ohhhhh! Thanx for this AWESOME chance Marriott!

  35. My whole bedroom suite is 36 yrs old,and heavy, would be nice to have a new bed although I have had to change mattress’s a couple of times. At 85 yrs old, it would be a nice place to be when I leave this world.

  36. We need a new bed so bad and so I would love to win this.

  37. nice to win bedding set

  38. I really need a new bed. Last visitors slept in my bed and on the couch, while I slept on the floor. I need a comfortable rest since my back has been going out regularly. Need a bed to really rest and not hurt when I wake up.

  39. That will be really nice when we get visitors room fixed.


  40. This is awesome!!

  41. I need a new one


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