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Expired! Win $20,000 to Pay Off Bills

Could you some cash to pay off your bills? Well here is your chance at a little breathing room. Enter the Pay Off Your Bills $20,000 Sweepstakes and win a $20,000 check to pay off your bills! There is no limit to the number of entries each individual can receive throughout the Sweepstakes Period, however you may only use one (1) email address to enter this Sweepstakes. Open to US residents, 21 and up. Ends December 31st, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. I will be happy to get it

  2. I could really use the money. I have alot of doctor bills.

    Thank you

  3. This sure would be nice and I could pay a lot medical bills. Good luck to all of us

  4. My family sure could use this at a time like this.

    • I would love to win this got medical bills, was hospitalized when i had no insurance. Plus my electric and gas is close to being shut off. I really need help. Good luck all

      • Yea Good Luck Winning.

      • I’m sure everyone who enters could use the money. That’s why they enter. Millionaires aren’t on here entering. Plus if gas n power is about to shutoff, how do you get online to enter?

  5. I’d love to have the opportunity to win and Thanks!

  6. Pay BILLs

  7. Sure could use it to pay off bills!!

  8. Sure do need the money

  9. I could use all my bills paid off so I can get my house

  10. Could sure use this money to pay property tax and other bills. Would sure be a blessing as I am living on social security. Very hard to make ends meet.

  11. I really would ít the money to pay hill.


  12. How awesome is this prize? Thank you for this opportunity.

  13. Winning would be such a stress relief.

  14. If I won, I’d pay off my son’s truck. The least I could do after all the financial help he’s given us.

  15. What amazing sweepstakes! This would be awesome for me to get my bills paid and a car I have been without a vehicle for 3 years or so it’s along walk for me no one anymore likes to give people rides. It’s 3 hours from my house to the store for me to walk.I can Wish big for this sweepstakes and prayers. 🙏 😞

  16. I would usd to lay bill.

    Thank you


  17. This money would be a blessing for my family. At this time our son in the US Marine Corp is sending us money every month to help us stay above water as we have no income.

  18. O would use it to pay off bills and fix my floor where its soft

  19. I would be so blessed to win this

  20. I would really like to win to pay all my bills.


  21. Ini gave alto officiel médical bills.
    The money will really help.

    Thank you

  22. I really could you this money to pay off all bills especially the hospital, I’m a Breast Camcer Survivor

  23. To have all my credit cards and medical bills paid it would be a blessing

  24. I’m in my 60’s, my newlywed husband’s in his 70’s, and we bought a fixer-upper house. We have to have the carpeting replaced in the bedrooms, and the interior repainted. (2nd marriage for both of us).

  25. bring on the cash.

  26. will pay hospital bills.

  27. It is my dream if I win

  28. Sure could use money for a plow. My husband is working on 1/3 of his lungs. Very difficult to snow blow. We are both in our 70’s on a fixed income. Money would truly be a blessing to win.

  29. This would help me tremendously trying to buy a house

  30. I could use the money to pay bills and not lose my future

  31. sure need the money

  32. I would love to get the money to pay bills.


  33. I would cut off my right arm for this money right now!


  35. I would love to win this, need the money to pay off debt

  36. I really could use the money

  37. I can really use this as my husband is losing his job because of automation at his job thanks for the chance to get it

  38. thanks for the chance

  39. Wow! Twenty-Grand! Do you know what I could do with this cash? Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  40. I really could use the money to Pay of a lot of debts that i have.

  41. I want to claim entry to win this sweepstakes

  42. would love to win anything

  43. I would be VERY greatful AND happy to win!!

  44. Trying to buy a house this would do everything I needed

  45. This would buy a lot of presents for my 5 kids!

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