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Sleep Number: Win a queen-sized Sleep Number 360 p5 smart bed and ComfortFit classic pillow

Has your bed seen better days? Well this sweepstakes has just what you need to get your best nights sleep. Enter the Sleep Number Smiley360 Sweepstakes and win a queen-sized Sleep Number 360 p5 smart bed with home delivery, setup, and removal plus a standard-size ComfortFit classic pillow. A $2,769.95 value. Enter once per person. Ends December 12th, 2018. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Ive been wanting to try the sleep number bed hear its great for a good nights sleep.

  2. We could really use a new bed. We’re sleeping on the worst bed ever and not getting much sleep. We can’t afford a new bed at this time, not buying it piece by piece.

  3. I NEED ONE OF THESE BEDS: I was injured and have health problems and this bed would be GREAT TO sleep with my head up to stop the reflux and take the steam off my lower back.

  4. Sleeping on the floor

  5. Boy oh boy, I’d love to WIN a sleep number bed

  6. My water baffers on my bed are going, going, gone.!!

  7. I can so use this bed. With my bad back,and my husbands hip replacement, it would be a GOD send.

  8. Could really use this deal.

  9. Every time I click the highlighted area to enter for the new bed it won’t go thru. I’ve tried for 2 days.

    • Hello, what I did was go directly to FB and search Sleep number 360 p5 and I clicked on one of the links bc I was having the same problem and I finally got my entry in. Good luck

  10. I need one of these terribly

  11. I would be so very comfortable in a bed like this. I am 87 and sleeping on an old bed is not the best. I have back trouble and using the top of the bed lifting up would help my back along with my attitude.

  12. i would really like to win this sleep number bed we have been sleeping on a water bed for years!!!!

  13. Link doens’t work. Only leads me back here or to Facebook page.
    Please inform me with proper link. Thanks

  14. It LOOKS so heavenally-like sleeping on a CLOUD!!!!!!

  15. Got to have one.

  16. Have always wanted one if these mattresses!! Hope I win!!

  17. I really need one…

  18. I’m so mad Why is it that Facebook never lets me enter anything I need a bed so bad I have coils sticking out of mine and I have 3pillows on it to cover the deep dent mark from my rear end I bought. This mattress and Box spring brand new its ASeallys 4Years ago !!! Sincerely Mary Harding

  19. I would almost kill to have one of these..I could never afford one. I’m disabled and my pain keeps me awake every night. Thanks for the opportunity 😊

  20. I could SO use this. My husband and I have been sleeping on sectional for over a year and really starting to hurt.

  21. Want to try this bed. I need good nights sleep

  22. Yes, I would love to sleep in this amazing bed. It sounds full of comfort and love.To win one is better as I do not have the money to purchase one at this time. I am an 87 yr. old widow-no job-a special need is for a bed at this time. thank you for letting me make my wish and the best part would be for you to answer it with one word. Yours, Blessing,

  23. A Queen bed fit for this Queen.

  24. I would really like to win this Sleep Number Bed, i’ve never won anything in my life, i’m really hoping that i finally win something.

  25. I would love to have a nice bed to sleep good at night

  26. I’m disabled and this bed could help me sleep with my head up. I am in bed a lot from pain and other health problems. This bed could be a life saver for me..

  27. I would be Thrilled to Win This.sure could use for my Severe painful Back,severe Arthritis and we Share our Bed with a Cat.She loves Space we don’t Have.Be Amazeing Win and I would Express on variety of sites how well liked and all.

  28. This Bed and pillow would be Great to Win!!! I Need this Super Bad.Got Severe Back pain and looking have Surgery.So this Bed could be a Blessing to not get the Back Surgery,I hope Please.

  29. This Bed and pillow would be Great to Win!!! I Need this Super Bad.Got Severe Back pain and looking have Surgery.So this Bed could be a Blessing to not get the Back Surgery,I hope Please.And be Amazeing to Win,Please.

  30. I would love a bed like this with my health problems I have Multiple sclerosis and have back problems so this kind of bed would help me out.

  31. Every time I try too get on fb page it is unavailable. I want another slept number. I had one, but moving numberous time it took it toll on it.

  32. I’ve never been able to have a truly good night sleep ever in my life. Would love to win this great sleep system. It’s a lot more than just a bed!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  33. I need to win i am moving to a new place 1st time with 0 bed

  34. Really need this but can not get the link to work

  35. Want one .

  36. Would love a new bed…

  37. My neighbor just got a Sleep Number Bed and says her back feels much better. I sure hope I win won!

  38. Need a new bed.

  39. I have wanted a Sleep Number bed for more years than I can couny.

  40. My wife has health issues and needs a bed like this. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  41. would like one

  42. this would be great

  43. Looks so comfortable and good sleeping too.

  44. Have been sleeping on couch

  45. Need for better nights of sleep

  46. Link doesn’t work please fix so I can enter please

  47. Wanting to win

  48. I have no use for it. I sleep on the floor. My roommate weighs 320. His mattress is worn out. He sure could use a replacement.

  49. If this is on Facebook (where the link took me) it says CONTENT NOT FOUND. If you have a good link please email it to me. Thanks.

  50. I would love to WIN a sleep number bed. Then maybe I can get a great nights sleep I have degenerative disk disease in my neck

  51. It would be Amazeing to Win a Sleep Number Bed.Heard Sooo Much about them.My Achey Back and Legs sure Could use a Nice Comfortable Bed.This would be a Huge Blessing to my Body.

  52. I’ve been sleeping on the same bed for 13 years, I have a bad back and can’t afford a bed. Would love to win thia!

  53. I dont sleep very well since my hip surgery. Maybe this type of bed would make a difference.

  54. Thank you for this chance of winning this bed i could never afford t buy on my own. I was a CNA for 20 yrs. It has damaged my back o bad. my Dr says at my age of 45 I have a 90 yr old woman’s body. Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis, Bulging discs in middle and lower back. a bone spur in C2 in my neck. Osteoarthritis from head to toes.
    This leaves me bed ridden most of the day. So happy for this chance to make my life a little better.. God Bless you for helping anyone that wins this bed. I know it will change their life.

  55. My bed is 25 years old sleep number bed. We have no finaces to buy another one im on disability my husband is on social security. We really need a new sleep number bed .It helps alot.

  56. My bed is like 30 years old and inhale no box spring so id love this bed

  57. The link opens up Facebook and says content not found.

  58. My husband and I need the adjustable mattress. Due to medical reasons

  59. I’ve had bad back problems for a long time, I would love to win a wonderful bed like this! I’m praying back surgery won’t be in my future, I’ve slept on the same horrible bed for years because I can’t afford a new one. Fingers crossed!

  60. I need a good night sleep, love to win.

  61. My daughter can really use this bed!!! I have already entered, but I can’t seem to enter again.

  62. I really hope I win the mattress. My husband and I really need a good nightsleep.


  64. I NEED a new bed and would love to win!

  65. I could use a new one. Mine is sagging and squeaking.

  66. This would be the ultimate prize to win It would be a dream come true with a good nights sleep

  67. Now it would be so great to win one of these bed .

  68. I have had my current bed and matress since 2001 so it is high time to win this bed package!

  69. i would love to win this i cannot get a good night sleep for a long time good luck to everyone!!!

  70. It want let me enter the BB sweepstake

  71. What a great win this would be as my mattress is older than me.

  72. I sure could use this ! I have cope and sleep apea and use oxygen during the day and especially at night to help me sleep when I use a reclining chair instead of a bed .

  73. My wife sure could use this. She has never had a new set. Always been a hand me down. She has quite a few medical issues. It would really be appreciated if I could win this for her to have on Christmas.

  74. If I won this bed and pillow, I can then throw out my 2001 mattress!!!

  75. My husband needs the bed for medical reasons.


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