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People: Win a check for $25,000

Have you always wanted to be able to treat yourself but just couldn’t spare the money? Enter the People Shop Like an A-lister $25,000 Sweepstakes and win a check for $25,000! This is an unlimited entry sweepstakes. Ends May 31st, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Would be nice

  2. That would be awesome

    Thank you

  3. Awesome yes would love to win.

  4. Could really use the money-desperately need home repairs

  5. Yes, I can use it to pay off some debt!

  6. home repair would be great

  7. Yes, that would be greatly appreciated if win.

  8. What a beautiful gift to help my sister with her medicine..Thankyou, for the chance. !

  9. I would be able to grow my business into a mobile grooming unit and help my son with school – his dream is to be a pilot, but flying lessons are expensive. Maybe God will answer my prayer…. try to hope at least.

  10. Would love to win .

  11. I would be very thankful if I won $25,000. I could buy me a nice trailer and fix it up, so I could live in it. 🙂 Tonja

  12. I need to win this, I live on disability and really need! Thank You!

  13. What an awesome prize to win.

  14. I love it too much makes me the winner

  15. would love to win

  16. I need to win please!!!

  17. for some clothsIf i could win this, I would likely pay a few bills. Then we can go to shop for a new dress.

  18. We have to have the carpeting in the 3 bedroom replaced, and have all interior walls of house re-painted. Also, this place needs landscaping DESPERATELY (I’m in my 60’s, husband is in his 70’s, and we just got married and bought this house).

  19. OH YEAH!!!!!!!

  20. To win this would be amazing.and a blessing from God.

  21. Wow! Yes need the cash.

  22. perfect !

  23. great !

  24. I need to win this!!!

  25. would be super cool to win.

  26. sure would love to have it so i can get my car fixed..

  27. so awesome to win

  28. I wish, would go to pay off my bills

  29. Hope I Win

  30. Pay off bills then Vacation here we come !

  31. It would be so great to win this !!!

  32. MONEY! OH-BOY! What I’d shop for; a list of all I’ve been wanting. Craft supplies, slacks, in-style tops. I could go on and on. LOL

  33. Family could really use this for a new beginning, out of work & pray each day for something like this To raise us up To thé glory of God. Mahalo*

  34. This would help the medical bills, thankyou for the chance to be given the opportunity! !!!GOD BLESS*****

  35. As a retiree this would be a big help in paying off some debt.

  36. I am going to win!!

  37. Time for a big win.

  38. Would love to win!Hope im chosen!

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