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Expired! Goodguys: Win a 1969 Ford GRT-100 Truck

Do you love classic cars and trucks? Well here is your chance to win one. Enter the Goodguys 1969 Ford GRT-100 Giveaway and win a Goodguys 1969 Ford GRT-100 truck. A $40,000 value. This is a single entry sweepstakes. Open to residents of the United States and Canada with a valid driver’s license, 18+. Ends June 4th, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. nice truck

  2. I need one.

  3. Still hoping and praying I will get that call area code 872-226-4370 saying that I am the winner of that beautiful badass but I really need that truck

    • Larry, I hope that’s not your phone number! Be careful please.

  4. One antique deserves another . We are a perfect match.

  5. a new PU would be good

  6. I’d likie to win one.

  7. I need thistruck

  8. Sold my truck 6 yrs ago great if i could win this one.

  9. Yes I am still waiting and hoping and praying that I’ll Eric Fleming at area code 872-226-4370 be the winner of that beautiful badass truck it’s in God’s hands now👼🙏👼

  10. where do i state i am not a robot?????????????

  11. would be nice

  12. Super pluse, beautiful truck.Love to win this.

  13. 👼 my God Lord knows I really need that truck🙏 so I’m praying to God if I’m blessed to win please please contact me at 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana zip code 46312👼🙏 I put it in God’s hands cuz he is the only one now that could send down on Angel and touch the contest for Wireless in bless me Larry Fleming with that beautiful bad ass truck it’s in his hands now glory be to God👼🙏👼

    • If you believe it is in God’s hands, stop posting your stupid comments!

  14. There is nothing like a truck it is the foundation of our country, hauling, moving and our back bone of the American Economy.

  15. never owned a trunk myself.

  16. Would be dream come true

  17. It would be a dream come true for me to win an old truck.hope to be the winner.

  18. Enter me to win, thank you

  19. WOW the same sweeps people that I seen years ago begging
    If was A new Tundra I would be all over it.
    Never be able to use this as a regular pickup.
    If I enter can I have a 2018 or 19 instead?
    Tax is killer on 40k
    Miles 4 year Veteran 1965 to 1969

  20. Praying, and hopefully I will win.

  21. I’ll be trucken !

  22. time to go !

  23. Nice 69 Ford PU.I would love to drive it home!

  24. I need it !!!

  25. What a sweet truck !

  26. Would love to win this great truck !

  27. Glory to be to win this truck.

  28. Who wouldn’t want to win a beautiful truck like this.

  29. Wow

  30. I would love to win this truck for a legacy to give to one of my grand sons in a drawing.

  31. Really need a vechile to go to the doctor because I got colon cancer, sure need to win, alot of my family passed away I don’t want pass away from my 8 grandkids & 5 kids, Happy Holidays to everyone.

  32. One would think they could give away a new truck.

  33. Why????????

  34. I’ve never owned a truck.I would love to own one.

  35. 1969!

  36. That is 1 sweet truck
    Let the truck gods pull my name

  37. Hoping

  38. Would look good sitting in my driveway!

  39. I would like to win it! Thank you

  40. I would to win this classic truck.

  41. Beautiful truck shows an incredible taste in rubber versus pavement and the ability to mesh them together kudos to you guys hope I’m a winner

  42. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. A great truck to continue to fix=up for shows

  44. Great truck

  45. awesome 1969

  46. Would love to win this truck for my man. He’s so good to me; aftwr 3 bad marriages.

  47. love this truck i would look good and this 1969 truck

  48. Live this old truck.

  49. Love this truck. Look good in my driveway

  50. so nice to win

  51. Should I tell you were to send it now 😁

  52. really want to win this truck

  53. nice to win

  54. nice truck to win for my son

  55. nice truck to win

  56. nice truck to win

  57. this pick-up truck is a great classic on its own one of Ford motor company’s great Ideals back in the day I would be very proud to have this sitting in my drive-way what a win this would be for me I am 65 y/o

  58. so awesome to win the truck

  59. awesome to win

  60. Would love to win this truck,for my gentleman friend. As he’s being tested for cancer again. This win would make him (a very happy man, again”.

  61. nice to win the truck

  62. What a beauty!

  63. I would love to win this classic truck.

  64. Ok

  65. This is a classic. I would love to win this Ford truck.

  66. Southern girls dream!

  67. I love classic car’s and Truck’s!!! I want to win!!!

  68. Let me see….I win this truck; which I really need to haul all the money I won from the Powerball Lottery…Yup, this will be a very good year.

  69. The children and I are still waiting.

  70. I want to win the Goodguys: Win a 1969 Ford GRT-100 Truck.

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