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QVC: Win $25,000 and a Prize Pack for your home

Fall is almost here. How does an extra $25,000 to jump start it sound? Enter the QVC Hello Fall $25,000 Sweepstakes and win $25,000 in cash plus a prize pack for your home. A $27,277 value. Plus additional winners can win products from HomeWorx, Earth Brands Footwear, Air Innovations, and more. Enter once daily. Ends September 30th, 2018. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. I would love to win this prize pack. It would really fix up my home

  2. Would love to win this. I need some new clothes.

  3. would LOVE to win this!

  4. Can’t find the sweepstakes

  5. I would love to win. Because I never win anything!

  6. sweepstakes does not come up to enter

  7. I am starting out fresh on my own soon and would love to have new items to start my new home.

  8. so much I can do for my family and church


  10. Prize pack. Awesome,love to win this money. The 25,000.00 would get me out of debt.

  11. Really need this To move forward out of thé dark To thé night of à new tomorrow. Mahalo

  12. It would answer a lot of prays.

  13. contest does not appear, says it is there but nothing appears

  14. Love to win this Sweepstakes… a new kitchen would be so welcome!
    Thank you~

  15. ilikelargesumsofcash

  16. Wow nice prize. Love to win.

  17. I see where it says “ENTER HERE” but nothing comes up.


  19. “LOVE TO WIN”

  20. Love QVC

  21. 25,000.00 would pay off my bills. And pay my brother and friend back. So I can stop struggling every week.

  22. It would be truly awesome to win this.

  23. Could sure use the cabbage !

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