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Expired! KOA: Win a Keystone Passport RV, a $500 KOA gift card, a Dish HDTV antenna bundle and $1,000

Have you always wanted your own RV to explore the country? Enter the Behind The Sign RV Giveaway from KOA and win a Keystone Passport RV, a $500 KOA gift card, a Dish HDTV antenna bundle and $1,000! Over a $24,000 value. Ends May 31, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Ok

  2. love the outdoors

  3. I hope i win

  4. This is exactly what me and my husband.


  5. We are senior citizens and would love to go see our relatives; however, both of us can not stay away from private facilities long enough to travel. This would be a God-Send so we may travel without having to worry about getting to facilities fast enough. Pulling to the side of the road would help so much and give us freedom to travel. Thanks for any consideration.

  6. This would be a great way to visit national parks

  7. Perfect!!!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome!


  10. Nice

  11. πŸ™ oh yes oh yes oh hell yes dream come through if I can win that RV I’ve been dreaming about one praying for one so I put it in God’s hands for my address if it is possible please contact me at 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana zip code 46312 I know you were asking why in the hell should we contact him this way if he bless to win the only reason it isπŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ‘ˆ because number number in my 59 years have I ever been on Facebook tweet for any of those sites I am very illiterate to those and that technology that’s why I’m asking a contest for farthest if I’m blessed to win please contact me through my mailing address if it’s possible thank you so muchπŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ™

  12. Have always wanted one but had injury 3 years ago that left me in wheel chair. Do they make RV that is handicapped accessible.

  13. i am disabled and my wife is my aide she is my love and my eternity she also works for a non profit 40 hrs a week. she is set to retire this year and i would love to take her to see our country in this RV what a beauty.

  14. This would be so awesome!

  15. We are now retired and ready to travel. It was my lifes’ dream to retire early and travel all over.

  16. I want to win!!

  17. this is a well known company and I how am retired so this would be awesome to win to just go any wear in the country in this NEW RV would be great 6 y/o ago I lost everything in a blink of an eye when a 83 y/o woman t- boned my pick up truck and she hit me at a speed of 65 MPH And putting my truck on top of a guardrail some 191 feet later is wear I STOPED MY TRUCK WAS AT A danger point if my front wheels would have not chough on the Guardrail there was a 20 ft drop there that was in 2012 so this would be a blessing for me I could see places I only dreamed about one with nature this Keystone passport RV IS made with pride and the workman ship is done right

  18. My husband and I would love a camper


  19. My husband and I (I’m in my 60’s; he’s in his 70’s) could visit my high school girlfriend who lives in Los Angeles, California! And, we could visit whatever relatives I have remaining in Philadelphia, Pa. Or, we could visit where I moved from when I married him (2 years ago), when I lived in central Florida (Daytona Beach-area). We’ve got places all over the country we could go.


  21. Our daughter is in a wheelchair this would make traveling alot easier

  22. We hope to travel beginning in Sept. My husband is retiring from civilian job. We’re Veterans & he also retired from the Army in 1993. I had major surgery in Feb. This win would help us so much.

  23. This would be so nice and its the perfect size for me and my camping bunch

  24. this would be a dream come true


    • Thank You for the chance to make my husbands last years ones he can enjoy. We use to camp when younger. We hope to have a few more years together. We’ll even come to visit you just tell us where. God bless Everyone who had things to make this a dream for some lucky winner.

  26. i love this.

  27. I’d love to win for me and hubby. We’re newly senior citizens, have worked and taken care of our now adult children the majority of our lives. We would love to travel, see different places and reconnect. Fingers crossed for the win. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Awesome

  29. My husband and I want a travel trailer


  30. this is what i need .my son is going on the pipeline and we so need one πŸ™‚
    Thank you

  31. I want to win this very bad! Please let me win! God Bless!

  32. What a wonderful way to show my grandson this wonderful country. Fingers crossed.

  33. Would love this, what a nice sweepstakes.

  34. Our 2001 camper has been great, but a new one would be a great replacement!

  35. i love camping!!!!!

  36. I.πŸ’˜ TO.WIN.πŸ“ž ME.872/226/4370.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ˆ

  37. I’m ready !

  38. times a wasting !

  39. Bring it on!

  40. I would love the travel trailer.

    Thank you

  41. My husband and I want to start traveling. This will be awesome


  42. When i was little my parents had an older RV and we had such good times in it. I have been trying to talk my husband into getting one, so I can share those experiences with him. Would love to win. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  43. My husband and I want to win. We want to start traveling.


  44. My whole family camps and I would love to be able to Camp with them. I love camping

  45. My husband and I want to travel. This would be awesome. We love camping

    I sure hope I win.


  46. My husband and I want a travel trailer so we can travel


  47. Be perfect for a single senior old gal that has a lot more of America I’d love to see before it’s to late. Donna

  48. I am going to win this!!!!

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