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JTV: Win $25,000 in prizes

Could you use some extra money to help jump start your fall? Well this sweepstakes has just what you need. Enter the JTV 25 Years of Wow Sweepstakes and win $10,000 in cash! Plus additional winners will win a $7,000 prize, a $5,000 prize or a $3,000 prize! Enter once daily. Ends October 25th, 2018. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. How do I enter?

  2. Would make my day.

  3. I would love to WIN.
    Show me how to enter.

  4. Thanks

  5. i will love to win to pay my rent and buy food

  6. Yes, show me the money. Lol! Need this win. To get out of debt.

  7. Run of bad luck needs To .be put out of it’s misery.I need this* Mahalo

  8. Win Win

  9. Could sure use the money !

  10. I’m 71, my newlywed wife is 61, and we just bought a house. We could use the money to repaint the interior and change the carpeting.

  11. I would love to help my grand-daughter out; as her car blew up 2 days ago. Sos a win would make a grandma very happy.

  12. THANKS!💖💙💚

  13. i would love to win to pay my rent and pay off bills,

  14. Run of pour luck, dépression & disparition go hand & hand.

  15. Would love to win this cabbage !

  16. Excited to win

  17. A win would be just what the doctor ordered.

  18. Wow¡It would be escip, if I am pick as the winner. Be Awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to enterThis would be a blessing if I can really win this. May God be the glory.

  19. It will be very nice to win the sweepstakes. I love sweepstakes, but never won one. It must be very excited to get that amount of $. But I am not selfish, and wish that the person that really needs the money, get it! It is like you are helping them in a way. Good wishes make good people happy too.

  20. As a Disabled vet with very tight income I could Really Use this . So I would like to thank You For the chance to win Tnhis !

  21. Would help a lot.

  22. I have said before, could help myself, family and church

  23. This would be such a blessing to win just in time for Christmas, last yr wasn’t so good for my kids & family. But blessings do happen. (praying) 🙂

  24. I could really us this win my house is in dire needs of repair and heating and air unit is 25 yrs old or more

  25. Please choose me so I can help my family

  26. Would be so awesome to win.

  27. We are going to celebrate our 38 yrs. wedding anniversay this Sept. 27 we want to go see some places to spend our anniversary but cant afford maybe winning this price will help us makes our 38 yrs. wedding anniversary be memorable . Thank you

  28. Cash would be nice, need this win.would be nice to finally win.

  29. Just in time for Christmas!!

  30. Amazing, it would come in handy to pay some bills off. So I could start paying my tides to God.

  31. I need this! Fingers crossed!

  32. If I can win, would be extremely a blessing from GOD.

  33. I want to win! It would be my best day ever.

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