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Great American Country: Win $25,000

Need some extra cash to jump start your life? Well this sweepstakes has just what the doctor ordered. Enter the Great American Country’s Stash of Cash Sweepstakes and win $25,000! This is a daily entry sweepstakes. Ends September 24th, 2018. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. WHY am I being blocked from entering your sweepstakes? Is it the crime? I am being dragged thru hell here in Kalamazoo county for nearly 35 years now. The lies, so many lies, ruining my life. The injustice prevailing, so much prevailing. My life destroyed, my children stollen. Is this block just another part of this crime, college town crime cover up, CONTINUEING? Is it? Can’t you just answer the question?

  2. I neo pay ed t

  3. I would love to win the $25,000.00 but saw no place to enter this happens a lot not sure what the problem is.

  4. Would love to win this money. Could really use it

  5. I like winning

  6. ready to win, just a new used car and Christmas shop.

  7. I need to win ive been thru so much in my life i havent seen my son in 40 years

  8. Why do we need to comment just to enter?

  9. I want to win

  10. entered without any problems,

  11. OhIsure Ihope I win

  12. Wouldlove to win

  13. Thx so much in advance for providing a lovely opportunity to win! Thx for donating the prize money. I would be happy and grateful to accept your very generous prize!

  14. This is a very generous prize. Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. so many things I can use this money on.

  16. Winning would solve many of my problems.

  17. Would help ease the pain.

  18. Ever Feel like à dog Being kicked? Well That’s m’y life.Outof work for years, poor wife working herself crazy.Kids no help, just à pain in thé ass.Can’t pay. bills on time.Good crédit shot to hell.Pray To God for relief. Mahalo

  19. Sure could use this money if is Gods’ will.We all have our problems must remember that there is always some one else out there worse off.

  20. If I can win $25,000 and I can do whatever I want with it I would put it to good use in my own family helping out my children and I would buy myself something special but I would help someone else to thank you

  21. Could really, really use this money.

  22. I really do never win these types of sweepstakes! Can I hear an amen? LOL 😁 Good Luck everyone!

  23. Please enter me in the contest.

  24. Thank you for the generous contest and good luck to all.

  25. never won anything but this would be a miracle for us to redo our house

  26. Great Contest and how exciting that you have this on your site, I love it.

  27. well im back, and still no win on anything, u talk about luck, what luck, bad luck, at never winning at anything, they want me to help with the games, but i dont win at that…………….. Just like to win something, Ghezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. I would love to win this. I will have great new start. Reply

  29. Please enter me to win

  30. I would love to win this generous gift 25,000 I could move back to Tennessee where my heart is

  31. Yes enter me

  32. Just click on the red link

  33. Wonderful prize! This is sure not the place for complaints! Please sign me in.

  34. This page is not the one giving out the prizes so kissing their asses does no good!!

  35. HI please enter me in $25,000 contest!!


  37. I am 74 and have a bucket list I can’t complete. Nothing too drastic but would love to finish it before I go. Just can’t find the cash to do it.

  38. want to win

  39. Will put to a new car if I am lucky enough to win !

  40. Reading these comments is like reading Dear Abby. Makes me feel much better about myself when I get a peek into the way the of a lot of other people’s heads work.

  41. Please choose me.

  42. I would love to be the winner.

  43. Sure could use this for others with God’s guidance

  44. Could sure use the cabbage

  45. Could sure use the money ! Would love to win this prize.

  46. My family would love to share this with me

  47. Show me the cabbage !

  48. I could really use this money! I have my fingers crossed!

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