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Dave Ramsey: Win $5,000

Could you use some extra cash to help make the holidays even more special? Enter the Dave Ramsey Christmas Giveaway and win $5,000! Plus six weekly winners will also win $500. Enter once per day. Ends December 15th, 2018. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. I am on a fixed income & could use the 5k to get repairs done to my house

  2. Need that cash Dave.

  3. I listen regularly to your broadcasts on radio.

  4. Hoping,wishing waiting~

  5. I sure could use the money to help pay on some bills.

  6. I really could use the cash to pay for some things I really need. I really need the money.

  7. would make the holidays a little better,thanks for the chance.

  8. Yes this would get me back on my feet.

  9. What a GREAT prize to win!!!!!!

  10. perfect gift !

  11. now I can make people happy !

  12. Yes, I could use some extra cash.

  13. Just in time for Christmas.

  14. I really could use that money, to help my kids and my granddaughters. I would be great to get everyone something for the Holidays. Thank you in advance!:-)

  15. Be great to win. Be awesome for Christmas.

  16. Awesome.

  17. wow,this would help with Christmas for my grand children,since i’m waiting on my x-mas money now to pay my past due property taxes..And the rest to pay a few other bills to get caught back up…Thank You..

  18. Could sure use on a down payment on a new car !

  19. Xmas is just around the corner, could sure use this for presents

  20. Would love to pay off some bills !

  21. Fingers cross

  22. Although I have bought all my Christmas, I could start on next year. Help the homeless.

  23. We need a lot of help. My wife and I are Senior citizens and we barely Make ends meet from month to month. I did 2 tours in Vietnam in the Army and we spent 3 years in Germany.I was very pleased to meet Henry Kissinger ! We could use some help. My wife and I are disabled.
    God Bless you for all you do. Have a Blessed Day !

    • Thank you Robert Cauthen for your service to our country. I think it would be wonderful if you and your wife win. God bless you both. 🙂

  24. I haven’t been able to work for 20years now because of illness so I could use the money

  25. I could use that money to help me to get some new glasses, and go to the dentist and maybe some other things.

  26. I sure could use the money in a single mother on a fixed income with disabilities. It would be grew for the holidays.

  27. Thank you for the opportunity!

  28. I would use the 5g to pay aff all of my debts and make home improvements.

  29. Lord willing … Bonus entries don’t hurt either. May God Bless you for sharing.

  30. Ready to win, like Dave Ransey.

  31. My husband and I are on disability and recently my son, his 2 kids moved in with us. It is hard for us to make ends meat now and we could really use extra money right now. My son had to have emergency surgery so he has not been working much and my other son was in the hospital for kidney stones. He has not worked in almost a month. Anything you could do would be appreciated.

  32. Lets win, shop and cook.

  33. GOOD LUCK TO ME !!!!!!!smiles)

  34. Winning 5K sure would make the holidays merry & bright~ Happy Holidays!!!

  35. Thank you for allowing me to enter.

  36. just need to get some extra money for medical bills i have 6 grandkids i can’t get anything for them at Christmas they understand but it brakes my heart please help us

  37. I’m 67 & on disability. There is always a need for money.I’m used to being broke. So I don’t think about winning.I have never won anything.I would only spend it. So who ever wins God Bless them. Happy Holiday’

  38. I could surely use this extra money for the Holidays.

  39. I would like to win, thank you

  40. Thank you and to all Happy Holidays

  41. Today is Thanksgiving and we can’t even afford a dinner. October was a rough month with vehicle problems, property taxes and our TV broke down. Winning 5K would be so nice and I would take the first 1K and set aside for security. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone. God Bless you Mr. Dave Ramsey. Merry Christmas to you and all of your staff.

  42. Two foster boys & too many bills… Would be a blessing sir. God bless.

  43. I would put the $5000 in a CD or IRA for retirement.

  44. Xmas is just around the corner ! Could sure use this cabbage !

  45. what a great gift.

  46. 5k would help me keep the electricity on all winter. house is cold at the moment. I keep the house cold in the early winter to save on the electric bill.

  47. It would be a blessing after living in my van for over 3 years and losing everything to toxic mold.
    Even a fur baby all my furniture ,clothes, shoes etc.
    So this would be a big blessing to be able to win

  48. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. moving to a new house and could use the money to move or decorate the kitchen

  50. thanks for the opportunity

  51. It would really be nice , for Christmas , i would be able to put food on the table . Thank you

  52. This would be Amazing! thank you so much for the chance to win.

  53. This would be so Amazing! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you for this special chance to win.

  54. I would love to win $5000.00

  55. My whole family has moved with me. My oldest son has 2 children that live with us for he has not been able to work due to an Infection in his Bone, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme Disease. My youngest son has not been able to work for he has been having kidney stones and lost his job. My husband and I are disabled and do not make enough to buy gifts and are low on food. Please help Dave.

  56. Merry Christmas! Blessings to you 🎄

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