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Better Homes and Gardens: Win a John Deere Mower and $1000

Have you always wanted a John Deere Mower to help you keep your yard in great shape? Enter the Better Homes and Gardens Ride Into Spring Sweepstakes and win a John Deere Z335E residential Mower and $1000! A $3599 value. Enter once daily. Ends July 31st, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Need a mower

  2. Ready to mow in comfort!

  3. I could mow my lawn and chase the groundhogs at the same time if I were to win the mower.

  4. love to try out

  5. could really use this ,never know when my sons mower is running or not…and i’m waiting hopefully for at least another 6 months before i get second knee replacement..and my old flea market push mower has finally given up on me

  6. If we had this mower, my husband would feel so much safer on it and I know it would last a long time. Thanks for this opportunity.

  7. awesome to win the mower

  8. nice to win

  9. The grass in Florida is already growing.
    Would enjoy this JD tractor. WHEE!!

  10. I dont know how you all enter it when I try I get a blank page

  11. nice to win

  12. My husband would love he needs a mower

  13. nice john deere mower to take home from a win

  14. awesome to win

  15. lets win

  16. yes its a well made and I would love to win it its one of the best I have a bad back injury from a car accidents

  17. I could cut the tops off those pesky dandelions with this mower !

  18. Just bought house

  19. Would love to win, I’ve just had my second heart attack & need help mowing, this would be the best help I could have.

  20. need new mower


  22. My husband and I really need a lawn mower


  23. Be so wonderful to win a magnificent

    John Deere riding mower!! That’s a fantastic machine.

  24. This would be great to win being Iam mowing 5 acers

  25. Waiting

  26. When

  27. Can’t wait

  28. My husband is not able to push the mower. This would be great.


  29. Cool

  30. This would be awesome!!

  31. My husband could really use. Getting up in age. Push is to much.


  32. my son needs a jd mower for his big yard…

  33. I need a mower bad!!!

  34. My husband really needs this mower.


  35. Let’s do it.

  36. I need this mower,
    My quit working and nobody can fix it.

  37. My husband would love the mower. He can’t push a lawn mower.


  38. I’m ready for it

  39. My husband needs a riding lawn mower. Push is to much.


  40. Need new mower mine is 27 years old.

  41. Great needy gift.

    Only have a old weed wacker to do 1.39 acres!!!
    With 5 dicks out in my Spine this would be a life saver

  43. who wouldn’t want a John Deere lawnmower

  44. My husband really needs the mower.


  45. Grass is getting out of hand

  46. could really use this lawn mower!!

  47. My husband really needs the mower. It is hard for him to push.


  48. Need this bad

  49. My husband needs this for his back and lungs.

  50. I really need this mower!!!!

  51. Need a new mower. Mine is old and worn out just like me.

  52. I really want to win the lawn mower.


  53. Would love to win this. It would be a TRUE Blessing !!!!!!

  54. what a great prize to win

  55. Waiting to try it

  56. I got divorced 10 years ago. My husband got the
    lawn mower.
    I bought a house with a nice yard, a distance away.I had to hire
    a young man to mow the lawn. (He does quite a few
    lawns in town.)
    If I was ever so fortunate to win this mower, I would
    give it to the young man.
    He’s a hard worker and takes pride in his work.
    Wish me luck!

  57. Our property backs on to a barn, which is about 10 feet higher than our house. We have to have yard work done FOR us, because I’m in my 60’s with a broken shoulder which never healed right, and my husband is in his 70’s and has a bad heart. This mower would be a mitavah!

  58. Will gift it to the guy that’s been doing our lawn care for 25 years.

  59. My husband needs the mower. He is having a hard time pushing the lawn mower Thank you

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