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Expired! Better Homes and Gardens: Win $15,000

Could you use some extra cash to get your Spring sprung? Enter the Better Homes and Gardens $15,000 Redo Renew Sweepstakes and win $15,000 to spend how ever you’d like! This is an unlimited enter sweepstakes. Ends April 30th, 2019. Good Luck!

  1. Would LOVE to win!!!!

  2. I hope and pray that I would win, need to upgrades done.

  3. I would love to redo my kitchen


  4. Would really like to win. Much needed.

  5. Need help!!!!!!

  6. I’ve never won anything more than ten bucks on a lotto ticket, it would soooo great to win this. New roof, new energy efficient windows for the house.

  7. I truly love to WIN $15,000.00 HALLELUJAH


  9. time to change !

  10. new is new !

  11. Please need this so I dont get foreclosed on by my hoa

  12. When done and click to enter keep getting message bad request.

  13. Need a new kitchen

  14. It says it is not me, your link is broken. I cannot enter any contests anymore. this has been happening for awhile. thank you Terry Cornish

  15. Need it

  16. Could really use this!!

  17. I truly love to win.

  18. I’ve tried entering multiple times but it never says thank you for entering. I don’t know if it’s accepting my entries or not. I’ve let it go for 5 minutes and nothing, it just spins. Could really use the $$$!!!

  19. I need this as bad as anyone

  20. In all my years I’ve entered contests and so far I’ve won 2 checks for $10.00 each but nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m the eternal optimist, one day I’ll really win something I would love and enjoy. I’m hoping that this will be that time!!! If not, I had fun trying and wish the winner well!!!

  21. We have to have the interior of this house re-painted (it’s all pale blue, now, and I hate blue), and have the carpeting in the 3 bedrooms replaced (it’s from hunger). We also have to have trees planted outside (there are NO TREES). We could use the winnings to improve this house (I’m in my 60’s; my newlywed husband is in his 70’s).

  22. Spring Break

  23. Landscaping

  24. I would love to redo my kitchen.


  25. I need to win bad!!!

  26. The jump start of $15,000
    Would be awesome


  27. The house I bought was previous a Church.
    I’m always having problems with the stove and
    refrigerator. I can’t even run the dishes anymore.
    New appliances would make this a home.

  28. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Would love to win this, sure would help me to pay off bills

  31. I have tried to enter several times this morning and all I get is THIS IS AN INVALID CONTEST Could you tell me what is wrong

  32. I really need this money for medical bills.


  33. Thanks for the chance. I really need a vehicle.

  34. Would love to win!

  35. Would love to win, home could use it

  36. My 2000 vehicle is falling apart. Engine leaking, door don’t shut properly any more, etc.. Put too much money into it already. And I can’t afford any more! Would love to win, as Vehicle don’t always work, so no one will take a chance on hiring you. Because you may not show up for work!

  37. Love to win on #betterhomesand garden…..

  38. for home fix up

  39. I want to win this! Would make life so much easier.

  40. I would love to win as I want a new kitchen. It has been my dream for 30 years now.

  41. Would love to win this

  42. I’m in my 60’s, husband is in his 70’s (we’re newlyweds), and this house needs the interior walls repainted, and the carpeting in the 3 bedrooms changed.

  43. My brother has been working on his new house for the past year because previous owner had destroyed his new home from top to bottom, He has 2 year old son that comes visits him on weeekends and he still running in to problems today on his new home, including mould Plumbing, electrical. Ext

    This money would help my brother in extraordinary ways of finishing up his new home.

  44. When I click on the $15,000 a page comes up saying “bad request”. Is there another way to enter?

    Thank you

  45. I can use it

  46. I would love to win. We are going to build a new house . I would love a awesome garden


  47. nice to win 15000 cash

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