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Expired! Bassett Furniture: Win $10,000 worth of New Furniture

Could your home furnishings use a serious upgrade? Then this is the sweepstakes for you . Enter the Custom Furniture Giveaway from Bassett Furniture and win $10,000 worth of New Furniture! This is a daily entry sweepstakes. Ends April 7th, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Could use

    • I really could use some new furniture a new living room suite and bed room suite

      • I just moved to Chicago and I’d be very Blessed if I got to win at least a couch i have Nothing my TV sits on a cardboard box, I’m seriously in need of furniture! I’m Praying that God May bless me again!

        THANK You for this opportunity.

    • Always nice ti win.

    • all my furniture is used am on a limited income really could use this

  2. I would love to have new furniture.
    What I have now was awarded in divorce agreement.
    Bad, old furniture and memories.
    Have furniture that is all mine and treasured.

  3. Moving to a new apartment and could use my favorite Bassett Furniture turn it into a home.

  4. We need to redo our house. This would be great


  5. Never ever had 1piece of new this would make me happy and make my home that needs remodeled look better..takes time but times have been awful bfor us lately

  6. I really need new Furniture .

  7. I would search for a hard-working needy family I don’t do lazy and I would give it to them. I would want to find the right family . My twin sister and I gave away or I should say invested 70% of our inheritance and people that could get help no other way . It took us close to three years to dispense of the money. You went to small items such as toilet paper, feeling your kitchen cabinets with food Christmas for kids that had absolutely nothing. Two larger items such as Cars. They were not new cars but really nice used ones. School clothes etc. etc. my twin even paid for a funeral. We are back to being regular Jones again but I’m planning on winning the Publishers clearing House and will do the same with that. But like I said I don’t do lazy. I’ll help anyone that is trying to help their self there is so much need. And when I win the publishers clearing House One of my goals is to never never see a hungry child. My twin sister and I are number eight and nine out of 10 children. Our siblings and others thought us to be fools but if you don’t plant any seed you can’t expect a harvest. And I hope whoever wins is really worthy of the honor. Janie

    • I applaud what you and your sister did with your inheritance. Too bad more people aren’t like you. I always thought we should help our neighbors in need, even when they don’t ask for help but you know they need it.
      I live in a small town that has a lot of older people that barely get by each month. Me being one of them now so my helping anyone has dropped considerably.
      Anyway, thanks for caring about others and I hope you win the sweepstakes.
      God Bless you and your sister…June

  8. I hope I win. My daughter sleep on my coach. He father son lost there aptment. So she sleep on my sofa it’s not in good condition anymore So I do hope I win.That way she will sleep on something conforble and clean. Thank you.

  9. I haven’t had the money to get furniture… to win this would make me so happy .

  10. It will be so wonderful to have a room full of Bassett Furniture. Upgrading to nice, quality, heirloom furniture will be a dream come true if I win! Thank you for having a chance to win!

  11. I really need the furniture.


  12. I could really use new furniture , Thank you

  13. i would like to win but i see so many people that deserve to win more then me.

  14. Love Bassett

  15. The best made furniture. Timeless

  16. Such a blessing

  17. I need to replace furniture. I could use the money.


  18. I lost all my furniture, everything I own practically in a fire when all my things were in my storage unit …Half the storage place went up in flames but at least no one was hurt… I’m sure whoever wins will appreciate it! Good luck everyone!

  19. I could so new furniture my cats put holes in my.

  20. Thank you!

  21. Have been in and out of marrages three times. And it sure would be nice to have something new, not used or second handed. My own tastes.

  22. perfect !

  23. 🙏👉I.💘 TO.WIN.872.226.4370.🙏👈

  24. Hello, And thank you very much! This could be a dream come True!

  25. could really use this lost all mine from water damage

  26. My wife has become disabled at 60. She is finally getting a new fridge since the twenty year old has died. So a new dining table would be a pleasing treat, and a comfortable reclining sofa would be awesome, to be comfortable and watch tv together. A really nice peaceful way to end the day. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win.
    Good luck to every one.

  27. I would like to win this Bassett Furniture to give my granddaughter, her husband, and daughter for a home they plan to build. She is going to college to be a nurse, and her husband works, so they could really use this furniture. Thanks


  29. could really use this

  30. I need the money to redo my house


  31. sure hope to win,could really use some new furniture!!!

  32. I need furniture badly!

  33. Could use it about now

  34. This would be heaven sent I cannot afford much but my house is so small it wouldn’t take much to fill.

  35. I would be thrilled to win and purchase new furniture, willing to video and post on social sites as well to share with others how amazing basset furniture is

  36. could use new furniure!

  37. I’ve been in a new apartment for almost 2 years and no furniture in the living room still, I would love to win some furniture!

  38. I really need the money to buy furniture


  39. Basset is awesome.


  41. I’m 62, my newlywed husband is 72 (we were both widowed), and we bought a house. We have to finish furnishing said house.

  42. I love getting new furniture makes the whole house smell good!

  43. Really could use new furniture.

  44. I sure could use the money for some new furniture


  45. Waiting

  46. I sure could use this for updating my home.

  47. I’m 82, and haven’t purchased furniture in decades.

  48. I would love to win the 10,000 I really need some new furniture.

    Thank you

  49. I really need to win to replace old furniture.


  50. Omg… just purchased our home..unfortunately due to a carjacking.. i was forced on to SSDI..
    I would love to give my partner a home furnishings of his dreams..which he so graciously deserves…

    Wishing luck to everyone ..

  51. Always could use a REFIT

  52. I really could use the furniture.


  53. We recently moved and have plenty of room for furniture.

  54. I still want the money. I can redo this old furniture.



  56. Would be great to have need new things.

  57. Seems many had sob story’s how do,you go#
    About picking a winner, or do,you just draw out of large barrel interesting to,see
    No,plac3bto cluvktoenter

  58. It would be a blessing if I won, I lost everything in Hurricane Irma 2 years ago. I am finally getting my home on the 18th of March but I don’t have any furniture to put in it & I lost everything, what the Hurricane didn’t take it soaked so bad it had to be destroyed so when I move in the new home I won’t have anything except the dishes that someone gave me

  59. We lost our home recently in the California Campfire. Renters of a lovely 3 bdr 2 bth home, 40+ years of things worked for, precious memories gone. So being renters we had no insurance,we as many had no idea this would happen. Certainly would be a tremendous blessing to win this prize as we have nothing. Ty for this chance. I pray any deserving may take this opportunity.

  60. I really could use the money to remodel.


  61. Would be such a blessing to win we lost everything in Hurricane Irma we are starting over completely

  62. I would love to win this furniture is some of the best that is made everything is high end stuff very will made with pride

  63. Need to help my husband who had a spinal cord injury

  64. I want to Win $10,000 worth of New Furniture from Bassett.

  65. I could really use some new furniture, it would be nice to win and be abke to get a new couch recliner and a new kitchen table and chairs, so im entering tgis one to. Thank you for the chance to enter this contest

  66. I really use some new furniture.


  67. When your talking Quality furniture Bassett is my choice every piece you bye is made right here in the USA couches are so comfortable well made recliners sofas chairs kitchen tables dining room furniture everything is made well and with pride and it would be a dream come true to win such great a great gift

  68. Oh yes I am still in it to win it and I am still at 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana zip code 46312 this is how I can be contacted when the heavenly father bless me and say I am the one it’s in God’s hands now🙏😇🙏

  69. Moving. I need furniture like last month.

  70. Aneededaddition.

  71. Could use some for our new edition

  72. We could use the $10,000 to replace furniture.


  73. Oh yes I am still in it to win it and yes I still can be reached at 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana zip code 46312👈🙏😇🙏👈

  74. we could sure use some new furniture,ours is getting old and boring!!need something to make us feel happy!!

  75. Could really use some new furniture.

  76. lets win

  77. Would LOVE to win!!!!

  78. Would love to win!

  79. I was homeless from January 6th, until I signed a lease on March 12th. Now that I’m in my own place, I could really use some furniture and home decor to really settle into my new “home”!

  80. I am a disabled Navy veteran. My wife and I are both disabled and we take care of her 90 year old Mother. Neither one of us can work so anything you can do for us we really would appreciate.

  81. I am so confused about this , it keeps saying error

  82. need some new

  83. We have empty rooms , new furniture replace old, old furniture goes in vacant rooms.

  84. nice furniture to win

  85. awesome to win

  86. so awesome to win

  87. nice to win

  88. I would like to buy new furniture


  89. so awesome to win

  90. so awesome to winn


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