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Expired! Babaji Central Company: Win a 5 Night Getaway in Waikiki, Hawaii

Could you use a break from it all? Well here is your chance to win a trip to paradise. Enter the Babaji Central Company Refresh and Restore in Hawaii Sweepstakes and win a 5 Night Getaway in Waikiki, Hawaii! Prize includes three nights at the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki and a two night stay at the Coconut Waikiki Hotel! Plus you get a selection of 11 books. Transportation to Hawaii is not included. Enter once per person. Ends June 20th, 2019. Good Luck! Just click the highlighted link to enter.

  1. Hoping?

  2. I would love to go to Hawaii. My husband and I have never been.


  3. Let’s do ita

  4. My wish to go to Hawaii since I was 10 yrs old grew up watching Hawaii Five O.

  5. When I was 21, I saved up and took myself with my best girl friend. We spent 8 days and nights on Maui and had a wonderful time. Then my boss gave myself and fiance a trip to Maui as a wedding gift. After that, I went one more time with another friend of mine; all 3 times to Maui and it was breath taking to see some of the sites.
    All that time over there inspired me to move to Maui. I had a job lined up, hired before I went. Ordered a storage tank to move all of my belongings. Ordered my plane ticket and gave my kitty to my best friend who loved him. A week before I left I cornered the hallway and my mother was standing there in tears but didn’t know I was there. She was sobbing. Come to find out, it was about me leaving her. I cancelled the biggest dream of my life…never ever sell your self short. Follow your dreams and have a wonderful time with your life. That’s why God created you. Quit waiting to go and just do it. Air fares are great right now. Secretly? I do hope that I win but then I wish you all a great bunch of luck too.

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